Phiction phreak

A database to rapidly develop fiction.

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This is Phiction Phreak.

Phiction Phreak is an awesome database combined with a GUI that runs on both Windows and OS X. With a database of over 30,000 phrases to choose from, it is quite possibly the best writing tool since WordPad.

You can use Phiction Phreak to rapidly develop short stories or entire novels. Anything you write with Phiction Phreak is yours to keep with no attached licenses. It is intended to be used as a "ghost writer", so no mention of it has to be made when publishing the final version of your work.

Phiction Phreak can help you find your words without a complex interface. Quickly browse its database of the most frequently used words and you will never be at a loss for what to write. Input anything into the search box, and search for any word on the screen with a single click.

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Phiction Phreak was created because I wanted to write a novel and thought the best way to start would be to read everything I could get my hands on. I saved little pieces of what I read and over time they became a database.


If you want to compile Phiction Phreak, you will need to download Qt. Qt is a cross platform library and IDE that uses C++ to build world class applications. If you don't feel comfortable compiling the source code then you can download Windows and Mac binaries (here) and install it into any directory.

After you download the program, conisder getting the latest database for Phiction Phreak from (here).
New additions of the database are always being added, and won't necessarily be part of future binary releases.

API Reference

Qt is extremely well documented and can be downloaded from


Phiction Phreak was created by Corey White, but the project welcomes your contributions.
You can also find this software on
Download Phiction Phreak.

Corey can be contacted at